News | Opening of the Primco plant in Lelystad


LELYSTAD – The first successful heating season of the new plant in Lelystad has come to an end. To mark this occasion, the official opening will take place on Wednesday, April 17, and will be attended by Elly van Wageningen, Chair of the Sustainability, Education, Sports & Health executive committee at the Municipality of Lelystad. Together with Martijn van Rheenen (CEO of our parent company Momentum Capital) and René Buwalda (CEO of Primco) she will unveil the new logo of the plant. 

The residential areas Warande, Landstrekenwijk, Grietenij, Waterwijk, and De Landerijen received 95% of their heat last winter from organic waste, partly thanks to the new power station. It was only at peak times of extreme cold that heat from Nuon gas-fired boilers had to be used. This means that around 5,000 households and six government buildings in residential areas that are connected to district heating grids can now be disconnected from the natural gas grid. The power station in Lelystad has gone through its very first heating season without any interruptions.