All households in the Netherlands have to be gas-free by 2050. This measure has led to a rise in the demand for sustainable and affordable energy alternatives and we want to make a contribution by turning locally sourced biomass into energy and heat. The biomass plant in Lelystad, which opened in October 2018 and generates heat from locally-sourced pruning and waste wood, marks the start of the supply of more sustainable district heating for the region.

As developer, investor, and operator of more sustainable power stations, we want to build similar biomass plants in at least three other locations in the Netherlands by 2020. Parent company Momentum Capital is busy developing these new plants.

Duiven | Primco Duiven

Roelofshoeveweg 29 | 6921 RH Duiven | info@primco.nl

In December 2019, Primco took over the bio-energy plant in Duiven, Gelderland, in a joint venture with three shareholders. The plant (15 MW) its main objective is the drying of potato and carrot steam peels and other residual streams from the food industry. Green electricity is also generated for the public electricity network. Primco owns 75% of the joint venture. The plant will be operational in July 2020.


Lelystad | Primco Lelystad

Larserdreef 306K | 8233 HC Lelystad | info@primco.nl

The biomass plant in Lelystad, which opened in October 2018, supplies sustainable heat to the heating grid of Vattenfall (Nuon) and Ennatuurlijk. The power station annually burns up to 21,000 metric tons of wood obtained from pruning and thinning from necessary forest maintenance in the immediate vicinity of Lelystad.