NEWS |Celebrating the first heating season at Primco

The Primco plant in Lelystad has successfully completed its first heating season which started on October 11 last year. During this period, 5,500 homes in Lelystad were supplied with heat, 80% of the time without the need for gas. The power station is fired with local wood obtained from pruning and thinning, which would otherwise be burned without energy yields.

This presented the perfect moment for partners, suppliers, and the Municipality of Lelystad to raise their glasses and toast to another step towards a more sustainable energy solution and to pay a visit to the power station accompanied by CEO René Buwalda.


During his speech, Buwalda explained that he had gotten to know the average Lelystad resident. “They get up at 7:00 AM, shower at 7:30 AM, and leave for work around 8:00 AM.” That’s what he learned after providing heating for six months to the residents of the Warande, Landstrekenwijk, Grietenij, Waterwijk, and De Landerijen district. These are the times during which the power station has to work extra hard, just like on colder days. The districts are heated using locally-sourced wood obtained from pruning and thinning. Only during peak hours did heat have to be sourced from gas, as Buwalda note that, “it was a rather strange winter, as I even spent a day at the beach in February.”

Buwalda also explained that Primco wants to expand with new power stations across the Netherlands and that these will be located near to organic waste sources to keep CO2 emissions produced by transport to a minimum. These organic waste sources are not restricted to wood but can also be sourced from geothermal energy or by burning waste.


Elly van Wageningen, chair of the municipal executive, was pleased by the opening of the power station on October 11, 2018. “It reflects Lelystad’s sustainability policy which is committed to being energy neutral by 2025. To achieve this, we use a combination of technologies such as solar panels and wind energy, which is now perfectly complemented by the addition of the Primco plant.” She particularly emphasized the high efficiency of the plant.

The Primco plant achieves an energy efficiency of more than 95%, making it 30% more efficient than standard incinerators. Moreover, the flue gases are filtered in such a way that the emissions consist almost exclusively of water vapor and particulate emissions are so minimal that they cannot be measured.


During his speech Martijn van Rheenen, CEO of Momentum Capital (one of the initiators of the Primco power station), made it clear that fossil fuel is no longer an option for the future. The opening of the Primco plant is one step in the right direction, but he makes the caveat that, “we cannot make all of the Netherlands more sustainable with waste wood alone; we need to consider other options as well.”

Van Rheenen believes that the transition from fossil fuel to sustainable energy will be a long and hard road to travel. “Change is difficult and requires courage. But this member of the municipal executive had the courage to build this power station in Lelystad together with us.”

Glasses were raised to a great partnership and then it was time to unveil the new Primco logo outside. Up until now, the power station had renamed anonymous, but now the name “Primco: Energy Conversion” is proudly displayed on the façade.

Making strides towards more sustainable energy.