Sustainable energy for the future

Primco was created after the investment company Momentum Capital took over the company Parenco Hout. This company is the link between forest owners, forest managers and the wood industry and also supplies prunings and wood waste for power plants. The participations decided to connect their know-how and the idea for the Primco power plant in Lelystad was born.

By converting organic waste streams into useful energy, we, as the developer, investor, and operator of sustainable power plants, offer opportunities for society to become less and less dependent on fossil fuels.

Parenco Hout also supplies its sister company CEG with raw materials for its activities. Primco has power stations in Lelystad (The Netherlands), Duiven (The Netherlands) and Ellesmere Port (United Kingdom).

Rene Buwalda


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Rene Buwalda is a CEO with a broad technical background. His career started over 25 years ago in the power generation sector. Rene worked in senior positions in engineering and production facilities and later as a senior project manager and project director in several complex international organic waste stream projects. Rene is a natural leader in multidisciplinary teams and he uses his strategic thinking to engage with partners to realize successful and ambitious projects.

Oscar Grijsen

Manager Finance & Control

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Oscar Grijsen is a seasoned finance manager and entrepreneur. He has held positions in various multi national companies and started and grew his own accounting firm. On behalf of the shareholder Momentun Capital he acts the last years as participating CFO in some of their participations. In this capacity he co-developed Seaborough and Primco from start-up to scale-up.

Marco Wiersma

Head of Operations & Maintenance


Marco Wiersma has made his mark in O&M by performing various turnarounds in plants over the years. His career started 24 years ago in installation technology. He is no stranger to project management in solar & organic waste streams, with his last project in 2020 being a 17MW solar park.

Jochen Görtzen

Project Development


Jochen Görtzen graduated as a process engineer. He has 25 years of vast experience in thermal process and energy conversion. He developed, introduced and managed construction of new technologies for alternative fuels utilization, fuel management and emission control, supporting the industry in its energy transition.

Jochen supports the group with his broad technical and management experience for business development and asset operation. With his performance driven attitude and personal approach he contributes to valorization of built and new assets. He is always on the look out for new applications and opportunities to strengthen and expand the group’s asset portfolio.

Peter Jansen

Project Development

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Peter Jansen is a qualified engineer with over 30 years of management experience in energy conversion. Starting off as a project manager of conventional energy production, he already changed his focus in the early years of the energy transition to sustainable energy and in particular to bioenergy.

Peter brings in a vast experience in project and business development. With an inspiring attitude combined with a large network and a keen eye for stakeholder interests, he is adept at converting new opportunities in valuable investments and acquisitions in the bioenergy and circular economy sector.